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Restoration of a tooth
the service
Restoration of a tooth
Catherine, 25
Severe dental crown damage
Term of treatment
1 day

At the time of the treatment, the tooth was badly damaged. We reviewed several options for restoration, and the patient chose a procedure with a ceramic crown. According to X-ray studies, the root was not damaged, and we could get started. We made an individual ceramic crown that is ideally suited to the neighboring teeth, and the operation was successful. 1 session, and another beautiful smile was saved, which for me is the best reward!

The beginning
Restoration of a tooth 2
Additional procedures
Computer Anesthesia "STA"
X-ray of one tooth
Smile design
Restoration of a tooth 3
Stages of treatment
Checking the condition of teeth
Cleaning the fine-grained AirFlow soda
Partial restoration of the tooth
Individual manufacture of ceramic crowns
Teeth Whitening

Even could not imagine how to restore the tooth so quickly and painlessly. I took a long time to go to the doctor, and now I understand that it is in vain. Now my smile is again beautiful and attractive. The artificial part of the outside does not differ from other teeth in any color or form, and I quickly became accustomed to it. Thank Dr. Antimonova Mary for her sensitivity and great work.

Catherine, 25
Happy patient
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