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Complex dental cleaning and fluoridation
the service
Complex dental cleaning and fluoridation
Anya, 13
Soft plaque, caries and yellowness of teeth
Term of treatment
1 day

Children are very fond of sweets and colorful carbonated drinks, but they are often the cause of yellowness, plaque on the teeth, and then caries. My little patient is no exception. Approximately once every six months she visits me for preventive examinations, and this time we decided to do a tooth brushing, and enamel strengthening by fluorination. These procedures will not only return the whiteness of her smile, but also help prevent caries.

The beginning
Complex dental cleaning and fluoridation 2
Additional procedures
Integrated cleaning of teeth AirFlow
Deep Fluorination
Smile design
Complex dental cleaning and fluoridation 3
Stages of treatment
Checking the condition of teeth
Cleaning the fine-grained AirFlow soda
Deep fluorination
Finishing and rinsing the teeth

I like to be photographed and dream to become a model, so a beautiful smile is very important for me. I'm glad that I did this procedure, it was not scary and fast.

Anya, 13
Happy patient
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